est 1999


Are your lectures boring and dry?
Definitely not!
We design our enrichment lectures specifically with English-speaking river cruise passengers in mind. Visualizing each topic with pictures, maps and cartoons, we cater to all knowledge levels in an insightful and entertaining way.

Which areas can we book you for?
You can book us for all the river ports between Amsterdam, Basel and Budapest – and on most sailing stretches in-between.

Can you speak on a sailing ship?
Yes. When the ship is sailing, we usually even get a larger audience. Ludwigshafen to Worms, Koblenz to Cologne, Vienna to Bratislava and Duernstein to Melk are only some of the most popular sailing-stretches that we cover.
Furthermore, lock-hopping along the Moselle, the Main and the Main-Danube Canal has been our passion since 1999. When the ship sails from Koblenz to Trier, from Bamberg to Wuerzburg or from Nuremberg to Bamberg or Regensburg, we reach a lock every hour. Each can be used as a point of embarkation or disembarkation for the lecturer.

Do you talk about politics, religion and sex?
Yes, yes and no.
It is true that we sometimes address topics that onboard staff find difficult to cover.
Always professional, diplomatic and polite, we aim to act as cultural interpreters for the countries and regions which guests are visiting.

Which topics do you cover?
Our lectures cover a wide range of topics, from history, politics and geography to social life. We connect the dots for guests traveling on a European itinerary. Lecture topics include The European Union, Germany and France – A Difficult Partnership, The Main-Danube Canal, The Austro-Hungarian Empire (1867-1918) and many more.

How long does a lecture take?
45 minutes plus 10-15 minutes for Q&A.