est 1999

Why Us?

We proudly look back on more than two decades of experience. Today urban history is the leading service provider for lectures aboard river cruise ships in Europe. Since 1999, we have been presenting lectures covering a wide range of topics, primarily with a historical-political background.

Together with our team of more than 30 professional speakers we offer premium onboard enrichment in virtually every port between Amsterdam, Basel and Budapest. As passionate lock-hoppers, we serve almost every sailing-stretch between the different cities, too.

Since the beginning, our most important goal has been to present complex topics in an engaging way, making them easy to understand and accessible to all guests. It is a crucial part of our expertise to deal with controversial topics. By drawing upon many years of experience we ensure that all listeners benefit, regardless of their previous knowledge or political leanings. Again and again, guests with very different individual backgrounds have told us that our lectures have opened up new and surprising pathways for them, both to the historical past as well as the present-day culture of the regions they are traveling through.

We are proud to be able to manage even the largest logistical challenges that might occur on European waterways. In the event of short-term changes – due to flooding or low water – we react flexibly and quickly. We are there for you 24/7, and in collaboration with the tour directors on board, we work to solve any problem. In order to reach a ship, we combine all available means of transportation: trains, cars, airplanes, and of course, the folding bicycles which have now been our trademark for many years.