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Our Topics

Our onboard lectures on historical and political topics connect passengers to the locations visited during a river cruise. While doing so, we discuss the relationships between the history of a region and its influence on current events. With topics such as The European Union – History, Challenges and Changes, Germany and France – A Difficult Partnership or The Austro-Hungarian Empire (1867-1918) we create a backdrop for the many impressions a journey provides. We combine individual bits of information into a greater image, thereby creating a clear picture out of the puzzle pieces.

We regularly expand our repertoire of onboard lectures by focusing on the anniversaries of important historical events (e.g. 1517 / 2017: Martin Luther’s Reformation and the Quest to Build a Modern World).

Social and cultural developments of the present inspire us just as much as important trends in politics and the economy. Of course we are always more than happy to create tailor-made onboard programs for individual clients.

As authors of the book The Main-Danube Canal. Idea – History – Technology we are recognized experts on the topic of the artificial waterway which all river cruise ships travel on between Bamberg, Nuremberg and Regensburg.

In addition to the lectures themselves, our direct interaction with the audience adds an enriching experience to every trip. The main talk is always followed by a Q&A session, which often leads to a longer group discussion or private conversations.

Next to conventional lectures, we offer professionally moderated onboard discussions. As an entertaining alternative, we conduct ‘informative beertastings’ in several Bavarian cities. These bring the tradition and taste of Southern Germany’s most famous drink closer to our guests.

Our special program Made in Nuremberg – 500 Years of Craftsmanship in the Heart of Europe offers an unconventional hands-on experience. Instead of ‘Do not touch!’ our slogan here is: ‘Let’s play’!